Skiing is an awesome activity for kids. The folks at CW Hog – Idaho State University's Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group – feel it should be enjoyed by those with physical limitations too.

So they arranged for adaptive ski equipment at Kelly Canyon and brought five young boys to enjoy the slopes. Seven-year-old twins Thayne and Hunter Devereaux say it's the most fun they've had in their lives.

Their mother, Jessica, is thrilled to see her boys on the adaptive skis tethered to adult experts on skis.

“There are so many things they can't do, and then when there's something like this they can do, it's awesome.” Devereaux said.

“It's a great opportunity for these kids to come do something they otherwise couldn't,” Michelle Hays said. Her son, Jackson, was having a blast.

Bob Ellis with CW Hog finds it rewarding to guide these kids on their skis.

“I get to ski with cool kids and help these kids do things they thought they might not do.” Ellis said.

So while these kids may be limited physically, thanks to the folks at CW Hog and Kelly Canyon, on one winter day, they can have fun on the slopes just like everybody else.