Kieran Scholes: Distinguished Student

Kieran Scholes: Distinguished Student

REXBURG, Idaho - A dedicated hard-working student who constantly strives for excellence -- that's how the teacher who nominated United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award winner Kieran Scholes describes the Madison High School senior.

Ballroom dancing is just one of the many activities Kieran is involved in.

"I just love the social aspect of it because I get to meet so many people and it's so beautiful," Kieran says.

Kieran hopes when her team performs, the audience can see the beauty of ballroom dancing.

"I used to get super-nervous before I performed for anyone, but I've done it so much now that I'm so happy to show them what beauty looks like. I love doing it," Kieran says.

Kieran strives for excellence in all she does. That includes academics, where she pushes herself by taking hard classes like AP Language and AP Government.

"I love the government and I love language so studying both of those has allowed me to pursue that where in a regular classroom I would have been bored," Kieran says.

Other extracurricular activities include honor choir, violin lessons and cross-country.

"My team is great because they're there for you and your goals, you don't all have to have the same goals," Kieran says.

Kieran sees many benefits in being involved in so many activities and recommends it to other high school students.

"I think by being involved, that's how you find your talents," Kieran says. "I didn't know I was a good dancer until I tried lots of different kinds of dancing, and I didn't know I could run until I tried lots of different sports, so trying lots of new things gives you the opportunity to find where you're good."

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