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23-year-old Idaho Falls man authors first book

23-year-old Idaho Falls man authors first book

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Usually, when you come across celebrity news it's negative or simply gossip, but 23-year-old Joey Parker of Idaho Falls aims to do just the opposite.

Parker's new book, The Joey Parker Movement: Against All Odds, has a simple goal.

"To provide hope to kids around the world that are maybe going through a challenging time, or even adults going through a challenging time," said Parker.

Parker started his website that shares positive news and philanthropic efforts from celebrities.

"It's just a shift in the way we're thinking as a generation or a culture," said Parker. "We're just tired of the negative news and the negative tabloids."

That eventually led Parker to opportunities with MTV Act. He writes for the site weekly, and even does video reports from events like the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Parker decided to author his book two years ago. It includes topics like coming out to friends and family, and even his mother's battle with cancer.

The book's foreward is written by Paris Hilton, and it is endorsed by celebrities like Russel Simmons, Lisa Rinna and his personal friend, Denise Richards.

"I went to her baby shower a couple of years ago," said Parker. "She lost her mom to cancer so she's really been a big support for me through my mom's journey."

The book can be pre-ordered through Barnes & Noble and Amazon, but it hits shelves April 8.

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