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A look inside Jackson's ski museum

A look inside Jackson's ski museum

JACKSON, Wyo. - A brand new museum dedicated to the history of skiing in Jackson Hole is one of Jackson's newest attractions.

The museum, located in the lodge room of the Jackson Hole Ski and Snowboard Club, is finally open to the public for viewing after more than a year of preparation.

"The lodge room is a representation of key events that took place from when skiing first came to the Valley all the way through today," said the club's executive director, Carrie Boynton.

From vintage pictures of Jackson to actual artifacts left behind by past members of the club, the museum contains something to pique the interest of every ski enthusiast.

Notable artifacts include Martin Hagen's bib from the 1980 Olympics as well as what Boynton describes as the "original control panel for the first chair lift in Wyoming."

Walking around the museum, it's impossible not to notice how much skiing has changed over the years. The various wooden skis that hang on the museum's walls contrast sharply with the more colorful and flexible skis of today.

"Skis used to be made of one piece of wood," Boynton explained. "You can see that they would whet the wood and turn it. As times changed we've now got shaped skis that are significantly easier to turn. They're lighter, they've got metal edges."

Boynton said that in the early days of skiing skiers had to literally tie their skies on with leather straps.

The club has already received $19,000 through grants and private donations to start the museum, but they say they have plans to expand.

"We hope to have a touchscreen in place in the future where people can listen to stories and learn about the different disciplines of skiing and other pieces in the future," Boynton said.

Monday several club members will be inducted into the club's hall of fame in a special ceremony. Tickets to that event are sold out, but admission to the museum is free.

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