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Aberdeen in a Daze after annual event

Aberdeen in a Daze after annual event

ABERDEEN, Idaho - Every community in Southeast Idaho has its own style and flare that tends to shine during celebrations, especially if there's a parade.

For Aberdeen, their kind of parade comes complete with the standard police vehicles, horses and local businesses. But then they throw in farming equipment. And on top of that, airplanes fly overhead to kick off the parade.

But even the flyovers are just a part of this big community party called Aberdeen Daze. The Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce usually begins planning next year's right after the current year's is over.

"Probably in about four weeks we'll have a meeting and look at what was good, what was bad and what we can do differently next year," said Dwight Wallace, member of the chamber of commerce.

The chamber hopes this event says thank you to all the folks in the community.

"We ordered perfect weather and it came through," Wallace said. "It was a great day."

Wallace said in a way the celebration is like a big family reunion, and for some folks there are actual reunions that take place.

"I ran into a guy who said he saw my brother this morning, and he hadn't seen him for 35 years," Wallace said.

Aberdeen Daze has been going on since 1971. Some years organizers also have week-long events like softball tournaments. This year they had a week-long golf tournament.

"This isn't the only event that our chamber does, but it's our biggest event," said Wallace.

Wallace also said this benefits the businesses in the community as well. The shops, especially on Main Street, sell all sorts of treats and put on sales specially for the event.

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