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Ad Council kicks off emergency-prep campaign

Ad Council kicks off emergency-prep campaign

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The Ad Council kicked off its Emergency Preparedness campaign Wednesday.

It conducted a recent study that shows many Americans are not prepared for an emergency, with only 17 percent saying they are ready if a disaster were to happen.

From first-aid kits to food and water, a survival kit can be the only chance for survival during a natural disaster.

The Emergency Management Service is on board with the campaign. Emergency Management Director Tom Lenderink wants Idaho residents to know how serious planning can be.

 "It's just time to start taking planning serious. Disasters may be few and far between here [in Idaho Falls], but you don't want to be caught not ready when one comes." he said.

Experts said sitting down with family to come up with a plan is the best way to prepare for an emergency.

The Ad Council suggests preparations for at least 72 hours. They said to pack items such as water, a first-aid kit, and food.

While preparing your survival kit preparedness store manager Rusty Kappel said, its good to keep your surroundings in mind.

"I really think that it's key when we build a survival kit or a 72-hour kit that we build it for the area in which we're in and that we're going to use that with," said Kappel.

The campaign advocates four things to keep in mind:

1) Be informed about natural disasters by staying tuned into media sources. 2) Avoid risky surprises by having a plan. 3) Build a survival kit. 4) Get involved with the community to inform others about necessary survival methods.

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