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ADD THE WORDS protests continue in IF

ADD THE WORDS protests continue in IF

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Members of the Idaho Falls community conducted an "Add the Words" protest on the Broadway Bridge on Wednesday.

About 40 people gathered around noon and at 12:04 p.m. they were seen holding one hand over their mouths facing to the west. Protest organizer Elizabeth Cogliati said they faced to the west to symbolize their support for other protesters in Boise.

"We're trying to get across that even though we can't be in Boise with the protesters in the Capitol, we're in solidarity with them," she said. "We support what they're doing with the Add the Words campaign in Boise."

The campaign focuses on amending the Idaho Human Rights Act in regards to sexual orientation and gender identity. Although protesters in Boise are focusing on the amendment, protesters in Idaho Falls are also working to get the city council to readdress the anti-discrimination ordinance.

Councilwoman Sharon Parry first presented the bill to City Council last year and agreed with voting for anti-discrimination in regards to housing and employment, but not all the public accommodations activists wanted were accepted by the council. She said the council made their vote, and she will not bring it up again.

"If an ordinance comes to the Idaho Falls City Council through either the mayor or a council member, I will make sure those religious liberties are guarded," said Parry. "I will also stick with the 1964 Civil Rights model of dining, lodging, entertainment and transportation, but I believe we would certainly need to add emergency medical services also."

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