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Aetna customers may pay more at local hospital

Aetna customers may pay more at local hospital

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - If you're insured with Aetna health insurance, you may end up paying more when you visit EIRMC.

Local News 8 has learned that Aetna has ended its agreement with the Idaho Physicians Network, of which EIRMC is a member.

Now that EIRMC is out of Aetna's network, Aetna customers could wind up paying higher out-of-network deductibles when they visit EIRMC as opposed to the lower in-network deductibles previously available.

Most local hospitals were able to reach direct agreements with Aetna, but EIRMC has not.

"When Aetna pulled out of Idaho Physicians Network, we offered them a direct contract with EIRMC and that offer still stands on the table," said EIRMC spokeswoman Coleen Niemann.

"When comparing services at other in-network facilities in the area, EIRMC is more expensive," said Aetna spokeswoman Anjanette Coplin, in a written statement.

While Aetna customers can continue to receive treatment at EIRMC, they may have to pay higher rates. Niemann is encouraging Aetna customers to "talk to their HR folks and to encourage the company to consider other insurance carriers."

AETNA is telling its customers to avoid out-of-network hospitals.

Local News 8 called the Idaho Physicians Network for comment, but they didn't get back to us.

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