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American Red Cross reaches out to Philippines

American Red Cross reaches out

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Whether its overseas or right in our back yard the American Red Cross prides itself on disaster relief. But it wouldn't be the lifesaver that Americans know if it weren't for its volunteers like Melissa Davis.

"I felt I needed to do more. I needed to make a difference. I needed to know that what I did mattered," said Davis.

There are many areas that people can help, especially in the midst of the natural disaster in the Philippines.

"We're able to volunteer in the local community, you're able to volunteer nationally. You can deploy to natural disasters like the Philippines," she said.

But the fundraisers are only one part of the organization's efforts. East Idaho District manager for the American Red Cross, Trevor Covington, said along with volunteers, it offers CPR training, blood services and also fire relief.

"Every 18 hours across the state of Idaho, we help a family get back up on their feet. We help them find food, shelter, and clothing to regain the recovery process after experiencing a house fire," said Covington.

Not everyone can volunteer. So what can you do if you don't have time to spare? Covington said the best donation is money since it can be used to get what's needed.

"Right now funds are used for relief supplies, technical assistance, and family reunification in the Philippines," he said.

So if you cant give your time, why not get the same feeling with a contribution?

"At the end of the day you can know that what you accomplished that day mattered to somebody. It made a difference in the lives of somebody," said Davis.

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