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Ammo shortages reported across the nation

Local shops discuss ammo shortages

POCATELLO, Idaho - Local gun shops are feeling the effects of the U.S. government stockpiling, panic-buying and hoarding certain kinds of ammunition.  But the shortage isn't just of bullets.

"It's all the components that make the ammunition," said Doc Blanchard, owner of Doc's Gun Barn, "and then it's the manufacturer's ability to get the raw materials to make the components. So it's like a vicious cycle."

Blanchard said the U.S. government has been ordering ammunition one year in advance, but this past year they ordered five years in advance.

"I ran out of supplies, so I'm restricting sales to one box or two boxes of 525 rounds," said Sam Laoboonmi, president of Sam's Gun Shop.

Both Blanchard and Laoboonmi said selling one or two boxes isn't nearly enough for the people who want to practice shooting.  However, with 380 ammunition, it's just fine to meet the rise in demand for self-defense weapons.

"The people buying for self-defense are usually only buying a box or two of ammo, they're not stockpiling," Blanchard said.  "The 380, which is a really common self-defense line, have been impossible to find shells for because it's such a popular caliber, the people back east have been stockpiling it."

Blanchard said this shortage came just in time as he cut back his store hours preparing to retire.

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