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Ammon 'Doggie Door Burglar' caught on tape

Ammon 'Doggie Door' Burglar Caught On Tape

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - An Ammon neighborhood is on edge Thursday night, after a recent rash of break-ins.

The Bonneville County Sheriff's Office said it knows who it is thanks to a surveillance camera that caught the crook breaking into a garage through a "doggie door."

It's a break in you have to see to believe. 

Folks in the Ammon neighborhood at Jason and Adam Street said the dog-door break-in was just one of more than a half dozen.

For the Manwaring family, there's no one way to use a security system.

"If somebody broke in, we'd get it, but we also watch our kids play from inside the house," said mom Kaylin Manwaring. 

Manwaring never thought her security system would pay off like it did this week.

When she got inside her car -- parked in the family garage on Tuesday morning -- she could tell something was wrong.

"We could tell somebody had been in there," said Manwaring. "He had ransacked our cars."

Manwaring checked the security camera feed her husband had installed.

"We got (the burglar) on camera," she said.  

The family's quiet, empty backyard, was recorded in the wee hours of Tuesday morning by that night-vision security cam. 

She and her husband watched the tape for hours, when all of a sudden, a figure appears out of nowhere and begins to case the house. A young male with shaggy hair peers into the home's back windows with a flashlight. 

"Instantly makes you mad he'd have the guts to do that," said Manwaring. 

Slowly, cautiously, the kid crawls into her garage through the family's "doggie door".

"I watched him climb through, and then walk right out," she said. 

Police said the boy is a 17-year-old Idaho Falls runaway.

After seeing this tape, Bonneville Sheriff Sgt. Jeff Edwards said his office has requested a warrant for the juvenile's arrest on a felony burglary charge. 

"We'll have him caught here shortly," said Edwards. 

Edwards said the doggie door burglary wasn't an isolated incident.

There was a report of a vehicle burglary in the apartments nearby. 

Chelsie Hansen said her car was one of several in her apartment complex broken into over the weekend.

"My CDs were gone, all my CDs," said Hansen. 

Hansen said several women in her complex -- just a few blocks from the Manwaring home -- had their cars ransacked. 

"My neighbor's car, her wallet was gone," said Hansen. "Receipts were everywhere. We're all single moms, and he just keeps hitting us." 

But thanks to the Manwaring's and their camera, he won't be for much longer.

The Manwaring's have boarded up their doggie door. 

Because the suspect is a juvenile, the sheriff's office isn't releasing his name.

If you know the whereabouts of the 17-year-old doggie door burglar pictured, please call the police at (208) 529-1200. 

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