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An interview with Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters Interview

NEW YORK, New York - That's because we had the opportunity to travel to New York 18 years ago to meet her and other ABC news anchors when KIFI switched from NBC to ABC.

I have to admit it was a bit intimidating for me to interview one of the most famous interviewers in broadcasting, but she put me at ease, insisting that I call her Barbara rather than Ms. Walters.

Here are some excerpts from that interview.

Hildebrandt: "There are so many people like Fidel Castro that you get the interviews with when no one else can."

Walters: "We'll, I must say I think other people do very good interviews too. I hope I have the reputation of being fair and of asking the question the people at home want to ask. That's how I prepare, I walk around saying, 'if you were going to interview Jay Hildebrandt what would you most want to know?'"

Hildebrandt: "You were a pioneer among women in broadcasting. What changes have you seen?"

Walters: "To see women in front of the camera and behind the cameras is an enormous difference. When I came here 20 years ago for that so called coveted position as the first female co-anchor of a network news program there was so much antagonism from every area, from the press, in the studio. It was a very difficult time for me."

Hildebrandt: "So how did you get through those tough times?"

Walters: "Oh boy! Sometimes the worst part of it, if you can make it that way, turns out the best. I had to prove myself. I had to start all over again. And in doing so you realize you're not just lucky- that you were not just there at the right time - it made us better and bigger and stronger."

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