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Animal shelter overflowing with kittens

Idaho Falls shelter overflowing with kittens

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The Idaho Falls Animal Shelter is dealing with a serious overcrowding problem.

The place is packed to the brim with 70 cats. Most of them are kittens.

The designated "kitten room" is full, with as many as seven cats in one kennel. Some of the animals have to be kept in the garage in the back.

Shelter employees said the crowding makes preventing the spread of disease very difficult.

They said during the summer, domestic cats get out of the house and mate, creating too many unwanted kittens.

"That's probably the best preventative (measure) is just to get your cat spayed and neutered and to make sure that your cat isn't the one that's spreading the problem," sad Gayle Brown, who works at the animal shelter.

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