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Arco gets hit by heavy rain and flooding

Arco gets hit by heavy rain and flooding

ARCO, Idaho - Floodwaters are not just hitting cities along the valley, but the city of Arco was also hit by odd weather Thursday.

Floodwaters affected many homeowners on the city's hillside. There are concerns as the city continues working on its water project. For months city workers have been replacing the old water system with new piping. Many residents worry that recent flood waters could have caused major vibration damage, though the city has not hinted toward any major damage.

Gravel from the major project did pose a bigger problem as residents like Richard Hansen said several feet of gravel and mud made its way up his driveway and through his garage.

"They created this road and put all this gravel on it. When the water came it just came washing down and washing down off the street and into my driveway," said Hansen.

Most homeowners in that area are without insurance as heavy rain isn't typical. Lost Rivers Medical Center was also affected by the flood. Although administrative offices were flooded, patient areas and medical equipment went unharmed.

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