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Art lab reaches out

Art lab reaches out

ST. ANTHONY, Idaho - As school funding continues to be a pressing issue across the nation, one creative program is trying to reach out to the community. The Idaho Art Lab in Saint Anthony is trying to get art back into schools. Owners Daniel and Cara Hidalgo said they want to do more for the community.

"Our original idea was to have a mobile art lab and then it turned into this huge facility," said Cara Hidalgo.

Budget cuts have made it hard for schools to continue with their fine arts programs, let alone take field trips. So the Hidalgos said if schools can't come to them, they would like to bring the lab to schools.

"How cool would it be for a kid being able to just hop on a school bus in the parking lot and do pottery," she said.

The plan is almost picture perfect, but making this idea a reality is where the problems begin.

"Although its great in theory, it's really the cost up front. It's really prohibitive," said Hidalgo.

The project would cost $15,000, which the owners just can't afford. Even though the wheels are parked on this idea, the owners have other ideas up their sleeves.

"We're in the process of getting our computer lab up and running. Right now we have received a grant from the Idaho Community Foundation, which should help us finish our needs for the software," she said.

The nonprofit hopes to open the computer lab by Nov. 1. The lab will need long-term volunteers, anyone  interested can sign-up at

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