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Asthmatics suffer from poor air quality

Asthmatics suffer from poor air quality

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Summer air quality in Eastern Idaho typically suffers from wildfire smoke and particles kicked up from farming.

Dr. Gene Petty specializes in asthma and allergies, and said many of his patients are suffering right now from the poor air quality.

"I had a patient this morning tell me he can tell if there's a fire within 100 miles," said Petty. "His symptoms are very sensitive to the quality of the air."

Nancy Wagstaff had an appointment with Petty Wednesday because her asthma has been acting up.

"It just takes every effort you have to breathe," said Wagstaff. "The smoke just wipes me out."

Fresh-cut hay causes problems for asthmatics as well.

"The hay bothers me," said Wagstaff. "When I know they're cutting or the wind is coming this way, I have to stay inside."

Petty said ignoring symptoms can be fatal. He suggests some patients simply take over-the-counter antihistamines like Zyrtec and Claritin.

"But when that combination isn't enough, then you need to be seen about getting skin-tested or maybe some of the steroid nasal sprays," said Petty.

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