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ATCO announces plan to hire 50 new employees

ATCO announces new job openings

POCATELLO, Idaho - Just one week short of ATCO's one year anniversary from when it first moved into Pocatello, the Canadian-based international company is announcing its plan to hire 50 new employees within the next few months.

ATCO Vice President of Manufacturing Bill Haliburton said the major focus when it comes to hiring and production has been on Pocatello, saying the city seems exceptionally talented when it comes to specific skills needed for the job.

"It is not a surprise for us about the availability of skilled personnel," Haliburton said. "That, along with the welcoming and support we have had fro the local community."

Mayor Brian Blad said this comes at a time when the city is just now starting to see a boost in the local economy.

"It opens the up other opportunities for other businesses to start," Blad said. "So, anytime you add 50 jobs, you are going to add another three or four businesses that will give four, five, six, or seven people jobs."

Blad said the city created at least 2,200 new jobs within the past three years, and hopes that number will be matched with the wave of new businesses coming in.

He also said within the next couple of years, the city will start to see an influx in major companies moving in, including two California-based retail companies which are projected to create a combined total of almost 130 new jobs. Those companies have not yet been announced.

This comes after the announcement a new Carl's Jr. and credit union will both be moving into the new Winco shopping center. Blad also said within the next 60 days, the old Albertson's will be torn down and a new company will be moving in. Once again, no spoilers have been given as to who the new business will be.

Haliburton said the staffing should be maintained well into the fall since the jobs they are hiring for tend to be cyclical.

He said they will be hiring plant personnel with skill trades in "plumbing, electricians, heating and air conditioning, and general labor as well." Those who are interested in applying should contact the Department of Labor's Pocatello bureau as soon as they can.

ATCO produces modular workforce housing used at oil and mining fields. Once the houses are completed at the Pocatello plant, they are then sent back to Canada.

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