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Authorities investigate killing of 20 squirrels

8 chipmunks, up to five grouse also displayed like trophies

Authorities investigate killing of 20 squirrels

BEAR LAKE COUNTY, Idaho - Idaho Fish and Game is looking for those who left a squirrel slaughter at a campground near Montpelier. Fish and Game officers said they discovered the bodies of 20 pine squirrels, eight chipmunks and three to five forest grouse shot and displayed like trophies. Fish and Game says the killings happened at the archery range and camping area in Emigration Canyon just off Highway 36 near the Midland Trail Bridge.

They said there was also vandalism.

Pine squirrels and chipmunks are protected nongame animals.

Fish and Game doubts sportsmen are responsible.

"Sportsmen know how to obey the law. Sportsmen know how to respect wildlife," said Jennifer Jackson, Fish and Game conservation educator. "This was carried out by people who have no regard and no respect for the outdoors and for wildlife that use the outdoors as their home."

If you know anything about this poaching and vandalism incident, call Game Officer Korey Owens at (208) 251-1923.

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