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Bannock County Fair Kicks-Off

DOWNEY, Idaho - The Bannock County Fair Board's efforts after taking-on a challenging past few months is finally underway on Monday.

South Bannock County Fair organizers said the board's struggles have impacted this year's fair in Downey, but in a positive way.

South County Fair Superintendent Piney Morrison said she has been seeing extra help pulling through this year which is just the extra push needed to make this year's fair bigger than ever.

"We needed the fair board to be our voice for the south end of the county, and now we're expecting more people than before," Morrison said. 

She added, the board's new upgrades to this year's event was crucial.

Some of those improvements include: new bathrooms, updated facilities, new canopies, upgrades to electricity, new plumbing, and anything else that wasn't working before but is now up to code.

"The bathrooms are a huge asset. They've also painted the bleachers and brought the plumbing up to code. It's just a lot of these things you don't realize that takes from your fair when things are happening," Morrison added.

The south county fair will run until Saturday, August ninth, and the north county fair will run from Aug. 11 through the sixteenth.

Here is a list of the events going on at the fair:

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