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Barnes & Noble host book fair

Barnes & Noble hosts book fair

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - With a troubling economy and governmental budget cuts, schools are starting to feel the heat. Schools in eastern Idaho are turning to fundraisers to raise money they need.

Barnes & Noble in Idaho Falls has stepped in to fill some of the void by hosting book fairs. They held a book fair for Fox Hollow Elementary Saturday.

Fox Hollow Elementary is trying to raise money for its library. Students greeted customers and handed them stickers as they came to browse for books. Customers then presented those stickers at check-out to support the school.

Fox Hollow Elementary's librarian said the school could use all the help it could get.

"It's huge because we keep getting cut backs and so the budget just keeps getting a little bit smaller every year. This really helps a lot and goes a long way to get the new books that the kids really like."

The school receives 20 percent of all Saturday sales. Last year the school earned about $1,400.

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