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Blackfoot candidates talk overpass/underpass issue

Blackfoot mayoral candidates talk overpass

BLACKFOOT, Idaho - The six mayoral candidates are talking about the overpass/underpass issue in Blackfoot.

The lack of an overpass or underpass in Blackfoot has become the big issue in this race. People are simply fed up with the trains parked on the tracks, blocking all crossings.  It's a question of safety.

Candidate Paul Loomis is one candidate that wants to build one.

"If somebody is having an emergency and they need an emergency vehicle and the train is there and it has to be diverted, that is a matter of life and death," he said.

Loomis said he is not looking for a tax increase. He said  there are resources to get the money by getting grants. He also said if they start now it can be built in five years.

Candidate Dan Cravens also has ideas on how to raise the money.

"You need an increased tax value in order to fund the financing. The second option is federal grants," Cravens said.      

Candidates Rick Bigler, Carlos Mercado, Carlos Martinez and John Hoober do not think it is a wise decision.

"To make an overpass and to build an underpass it takes several millions of dollars, where would we put it?," said Mercardo.

"An overpass or underpass is about $10-12 million. The city could not do that," said Hoober.

"I don't know if I would put an underpass or overpass. I don't think that is cost effective," Bigler said.   

Election day is Nov. 5. You can still vote early at the Bingham County Courthouse through this Friday.

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