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Blackfoot man walks all night for cancer

Blackfoot man walks all night for cancer

BLACKFOOT, Idaho - A Blackfoot man completed 101 laps at the Relay for Life of Idaho Falls on Saturday.

Brian Warner has a rare form of multiple sclerosis. He also has a great source of motivation. His wife, Tami, was diagnosed with cancer in April of 2006.

"Seven years ago when she was diagnosed, it was like the end of the world," said Brian.

Tami says she'll never forget a moment she had at a Relay for Life event years ago.

"That was the first time that I realized there was hope, because I saw those who were also survivors," said Tami.

The Warners have been attending Relay for Life events for seven years since Tami was diagnosed.

"Actually, I decided this year I would try to give more than just going to the event, and actually raise some funding," said Brian.

Did he ever. Brian walked all night raising over $5,000 for the American Cancer Society. Brian had a clicker to keep track, but there was also a sign recording his laps. His daughter, Alyssa, was very proud.

"People would walk past and be like 'oh what are the numbers for?'" said Alyssa. "It's like, 'oh that's how many laps my dad has walked so far,'"

When Brian asked for donations he vowed to walk 100 laps and do it from start to finish, at 6 a.m.

"I almost chuckled underneath, because I thought with his MS -- no way," said Tami.

Brian did walk over 100 laps, but needed a little extra help to make it till 6 a.m.

"After that I couldn't walk anymore, so one of my friends grabbed a wheelchair and pushed me around the track till 6 o'clock," said Brian.

He says without the support of his family and co-workers from the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project he would have never fulfilled his goal.

The Relay for Life of Idaho Falls raised over $105,000 over the weekend. Brian's team, The Mixed Waste Warriors, raised the most of any with just under $12,000 

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