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Blackfoot plans in lieu of water cutbacks

Blackfoot plans in lieu of water cutbacks

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - After recent news of a potential water curtailment, several cities across eastern Idaho may want to come up with a plan.

The Department of Water Resources notified cities last week of a potential curtailment that will mostly include groundwater users, like farmers. This curtailment came after a plea from the Surface Water Coalition, which has water rights that date back to the 1900s. But if there isn't enough snowpack for the region, many cities like Blackfoot will have to lean on one another for support.

"We had a regional mayors meeting here recently; this was a topic of discussion there. We're sharing ideas, absolutely, and we're obviously sympathetic to one another on this issue," said Blackfoot Mayor Paul Loomis.

Since Blackfoot is agriculture-heavy, Loomis is being proactive with preliminary plans. He said he is looking at several areas that could include surface water, as well.

"It just depends on how severe it becomes. You know, their have been times in the past where Jensen's Grove has not been filled," he said.

Loomis also said in the event of curtailment, the golf course and personal irrigation could be the source of cutbacks. He also stressed that if the curtailment happens, it will not impact the usage of water inside homes and businesses.

The Department of Water Resources still has to conduct a water study and will release curtailment predictions at the end of April. 

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