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BLM runs out of corral space

Preview: What should be done about the mustangs?

WASHINGTON - The Bureau of Land Management may be getting close to crisis mode when it comes to taking care of the nation's wild mustangs.

There are too many horses on the range with too little feed. Thousands of the horses are in holding facilities, being fed by the taxpayer to the tune of $46 million dollars a year.

Now the BLM is facing a shortage of corrals. The agency is soliciting bids for new, short-term holding facilities.

If you have extra corral space to lease, you can find out to go about working with the BLM online.

The BLM's bidding requirements are at Click on "search public opportunities," under search criteria, select "reference number" and enter the following code: L14PS00389. The solicitation form describes what to submit and where to send it. Applicants must be registered at to be considered for a contract award.

On Thursday on Local News 8 at 10, Karole Honas will bring you an in-depth report on the problems the BLM is facing with an overpopulation of mustangs.

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