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Body sculpting center opens in Blackfoot

Body sculpting center opens in Blackfoot

BLACKFOOT, Idaho - There's a new non-invasive fat removal system called body sculpting.

The Food and Drug Administration approved body sculpting technology in 2010. It uses ultrasonic waves to break down your fat cells with immediate results.

"To tell you the truth I was really skeptical when I heard about this," said Jackie Foote, owner of Sleek Physique Body Sculpting in Blackfoot.

Foote has been battling weight her entire life.

"Look at me. I'm a perfect example of someone who is obese," said Foote.

She decided to get certified in body sculpting and use it to kick start her own weight loss.

"I've dropped 10.5 inches using my own program on myself," said Foote.

Foote opened Sleek Physique Body Cculpting in Blackfoot at the end of May. Ever since the grand opening, business has been booming.

Their clients include men and women of all ages. 29-year-old Melissa Sanders started running and eating healthy, but couldn't get rid of the last bit of belly fat after having two children.

"I have baby belly that I can't get rid of. I have two boys, and I want to keep blaming it on them, but my youngest is almost six," said Sanders.

She admits she was hesitant, but was excited for a new method to remove fat and decided to try body sculpting. Sanders lost 2.25 inches after her first treatment.

The procedure is painless, but clients say they have some ringing in their ears from the ultra-sound waves.

A technician rubs ultrasound gel on the client. Careful not to go over any organs or hit bones, they target the fat areas for about an hour breaking down the fat cells.

Underneath the skin, vibrations stimulate the fat cells. Cell walls will break down, and the cell implodes, forcing the liquid out and shrinking the cell.

The fat gets flushed out through the liver and lymphatic system.

Like any other weight loss technique, it's up to the individual to maintain it.

"You only have to keep it off once it's off now," said Sanders.

"It's as permanent as a diet is. It all depends on the individual. They have to change their habits enough that they can keep it off now," said Foote.

There is debate among doctors about how healthy it is to have that much fat flushed through someone's system.

Foote says body sculpting is not a life-style, it's a kick-start to weight loss. She stresses the importance of eating right and exercising to maintain long-term weight loss. 

Ultrasonic cavitation shrinks the fat cell, it does not eliminate them. Therefore a person can regain the weight.

Body sculpting is not recommended for people with uncontrolled blood pressure or heart disease.

Sleek Physique has a grand opening special for $99. Treatment packages can range up to $998.

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