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Boil order lifted in Arco

Boil order lifted in Arco

ARCO, Idaho - The city of Arco lifted a boil order Friday. This comes after city officials advised folks to boil their water Thursday. Arco lost water pressure in the system, which required tests as a precaution. Maintenance crews were digging out old pipes and in doing so damaged the current system.

City maintenance supervisor Antonio Chisham said have the city's pipes were updated in 1990, but the other half hasn't been touched since the 1950's.

"The size piping we have is an oddball size and nobody makes the parts anymore," said Chisham.

City Council president Gene Davies said boil orders have become a norm in the city. Since the water isn't treated with any chlorine, he said its important to make sure the water is tested on a regular basis, especially since they are removing major infrastructure.

"We need to make sure citizens and the public are safe. There's a lot of tourist traffic through here and they do stop," he said.  "It's a precaution for the public."

The city hopes to have the project completed by early November, as long as there aren't any mishaps.

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