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Bonds Fail Again in Salmon / School Election Results

Once again voters in Salmon reject school bond measures in the latest round of school bond and levy votes throughout the state Tuesday night.

There were two bonds up for a vote in Salmon,  A 3.6 million dollar bond lost with 354 voting YES, and 1184 voting NO.

A second vote for 14.5 million dollars failed with 645 votes for YES and 901 NO votes.

Salmon School District Superintendent Joey Foote says the state will now come in and lend money for the upgrade of  3.6 million.  The district patrons will have to pay the state back for the school upgrades.  Foote says at least the kids will be more safe and that is the most important goal. 

Other results: 

Jefferson School District  2-million for two years

Yes: 797

No: 1946

Arbon Valley  -- $50,000 for one year

Yes: 57

No: 2

Rockland School - $210,000 thousand for one year

Yes: 109

No: 14

Fremont County -1.5 Million 2 years

Yes: 1,201

No: 1,014

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