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Brother screams to prevent kidnapping attempt at local park

Toddler safe after possible kidnapping attempt

POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Pocatello police are investigating a possible kidnapping attempt at a local park. Officers were called to Raymond Park Wednesday after a man reportedly tried to take a three-year-old girl during the free lunch program.  

Krista was playing near a slide with her brother when a man in his 30's grabbed her.

"I just saw someone taking my little sister and then I was taught to scream so I screamed as loud as I can," said Krista's brother Chadwick Shane.

Chadwick says the man then let go of little Krista and ran. He says he was scared but has always tried to watch out for his little sister.

The family says Krista is still with them thanks to Chadwick.  

"A three-year-old shouldn't have to be scared of anything let alone at a park full of parents and other kids," said Krista's father Trent Steed. "Everyone that I have talked to is like oh-oh luckily you probably scared him, and he won't try that again. But it was in the middle of the toy area, and there were dozens of parents right there and he still tried."

The reported kidnapping attempt happened during the free lunch program at the park.

Police investigated and searched the area, but they didn't find the man.

According to the girl's father, the man had shaggy blonde hair and was in his 30's.

There were several witnesses that saw a blue Chevy S-10 pick up speeding away.  

Police are continuing to investigate the incident and ask if you were at Raymond Park on Wednesday and saw anything to call the Pocatello Police Department.  

Officials say they are increasing their presence at the park areas, and while Pocatello is still a safe community, there is always a chance that someone is could try and harm you. 

"The reality is that our kids can enjoy what we have around here. The other reality is that there are people out there in the world who have poor intentions and it doesn't matter how safe your community is, you have to teach your kids to be safe at all times," said Ian Nelson, Pocatello Police.

Nelson says screaming "I don't know you" is one of the best ways to get attention.  

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