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Burglaries prompt reminders to lock doors

Two burglaries remind folks to lock doors

POCATELLO, Idaho - Two burglaries this month in Pocatello have left Pocatello Police reminding folks to make sure all their doors and windows are locked in their homes.

The first burglary occurred on March 3 on Fruitwood Lane and the second occurred on Country Club Drive on March 9. Police say the burglaries are not linked, but they do have one thing in common: in both burglaries, the thieves enter in the unlocked side door to the garage.

Lt. Paul Manning with the Pocatello Police said crime rates would drop dramatically in Pocatello if people locked up their cars and homes. Manning said with all the varieties of locks, it's a good idea to have code locks – a door with a keypad, something he uses in his own home.

"That's just one way I can keep the door between my house and my garage locked," Manning said. "Just in case they do get into my garage, I still have one last line of defense."

Manning said there are several lines to be aware of. If you just have a front door, install a screen door. If you just have a deadbolt, install a locking chain on the inside. Of course the top line of defense is a home security system.

"Anything is better than nothing," said Manning. "The best lock in the world can be pried off of a door. But the fact is they have to make noise in order to pry that lock off."

And Manning said usually the last thing a burglar wants to do is alert anyone to their presence. He said most robberies are crimes of opportunity, and want to be in and out without anyone knowing they were there.

However, in the Fruitwood Lane robbery, the burglar certainly left an impression: a note, chastising the owner for leaving the door open. It reads, "Thanks for the stuff. P.S., next time, lock up."

Manning said the note is very brazen, and if anyone does have information about the burglaries to please contact the Pocatello Police Department at 208-234-6100.

Manning said it's important to note that, while burglary rates are higher in the city, it doesn't mean those farther out of town are less likely to experience the crime.

"Some people tend to think when they're out in the country, they leave their keys in their car, they leave their house unlocked because they just don't get many visitors," Manning said. "But that doesn't mean you're immune from something happening at some point."

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