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Business power cutbacks could help everyone

Business power cutbacks could help everyone

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Idaho Falls businesses are cutting back on power usage, and it could save many people money on their utility bill.

Brent Keim is the director of finance for Atlas Van Lines and West One Logistics in Idaho Falls. He said running this type of business takes a lot of space and, of course, energy.

"The power bill is pretty substantial. We have 180,000 square feet here, so that takes a lot of light and a lot of heat to keep going," said Keim.

The company decided to save money by consulting Idaho Falls Power and enrolled in the IFP's switch program.

"We've been able to get energy-efficient lights in here to help light the building. We're always looking at reduction in heating and lighting costs," said Keim.

The company saved more than 300,000 kilowatt hours, which is enough energy to power 22 homes. This is more substantial when you take into consideration all the other businesses IFP has partnered with.

"If we can limit what we can purchase from the Bonneville Power Administration for most of that electricity, it's less expensive. That comes back to the customers because it helps keep our low rates down," said IFP customer service director Van Ashton.

Ashton also said as more businesses cut back on energy, it will cut IFP's need for another power facility as the city continues to expand.  

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