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Business teaches children gun safety

Local business teaches children gun safety

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - During the 2015 legislative session there has been a lot of discussion about concealed carry of a firearm.

Idaho ranks sixth in the nation for gun ownership.  

"The kids they are always interested in guns. You need to make sure you give them the time and the space to be able to be interested in those. If you just tell them no don't touch, they're still going to have that interest," Guns 'N Gear Training Director Pete Italiano said. 

Italiano said seeing the impact makes all the difference.

"We shot tomatoes, we shot grapefruit, and then the chicken. Again, I shoot those just to give a little bit of a different idea. I also like to let them touch and feel. (So they can see if) the fruit is soft or hard. That little tiny cartridge, what's it going to do," Italian said. 

Guns 'N Gear opens young eyes by teaching a gun safety course for children. 

"We can't teach that at home," Brandee Putnam said. 

Putnam keeps firearms in her home.

She said this type of training goes beyond the education she can provide her son.

"We can't show them all of these different guns, cause he knows that guns are dangerous and he needs to be safe around them but knows that every single one is and to treat them exactly the same is important," Putnam said.  

"We showed them twenty-two rifles, we showed them shotguns, hunting rifles, we showed them the basic handguns and semiautomatic hand guns, and we showed them a revolver. (We did this) to give them an idea of what they might see in peoples houses," Italiano said. 

It's all about prevention.

"The sooner they learn it, the better off everybody is going to be. We won't have to hear about the accidents, and that's what we're trying to prevent is the accidents. We know kids want to hear, they want to see, they want to touch, we just want to make sure it's in a safe enviornment. Here we can do that," Italiano said. 

Italiano believes it's the least he can do for the next generation.

"I know they're going to be handling firearms in the future, they're the future, so let's train them up," Italiano said.  

For dates and more information on the course you can visit

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