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Busy intersection awaiting traffic stop and crosswalks

Busy intersection awaiting traffic stop and crosswalks

BONNEVILLE COUNTY, Idaho - It's been a year since Bonneville County officials stated their plans to add crosswalks and a traffic light to the intersection of Ammon Road and 1st Street.

Several people have been hit while attempting to cross that intersection in past years. A year after several back-to-back accidents, there are still no changes to the intersection. There's about a dozen cars that travel through the area every five minutes.

The convenience store is often the destination for most pedestrians, and without crosswalks, many are under the impression they can cross anywhere. Law enforcement said although there are stop signs, technically it isn't considered jaywalking due to the lack of crosswalks and a traffic light.

County planning and zoning officials were unavailable for comment. Future plans for the intersection are unknown.

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