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BYU-Idaho students unplug their headphones

BYU-Idaho students unplug their headphones

REXBURG, Idaho - On Tuesday students at BYU-Idaho participate in the event called Rexburg Unplug. The students want you to unplug from your headphones, sites like Facebook and Twitter, Netflix and video games. The organizer, Chris White, said he noticed people would go to class with their headphones on and not talk to anyone.

BYU-Idaho student White and his two friends created a YouTube video to promote unplugging from all unnecessary social media. You can watch it here:

"As college students we have a tendency to have our headphones in, and this is an opportunity to fast from those things and focus on things that are more important," said student Bradley Bagley.

"I think we need to take time to give time to others, to slow down in our lives and pay attention to those around us," said student Alex Morgan.  

Filmmaker Kyle Braby didn't think his YouTube video could have such an impact.

"It shows you what students can do when you have the initiative to make a decision and try to make a change and to see that it can go as big as 1,000 or more people,"           
White came up with the idea and he hopes people unplugging won't stop after Tuesday's event.

"The real goal is to help people see life in a different way and to experience different things. if everyone unplugs for one day and just go back to how it was it really would defeat
nats what must we do to stregthen the power we have in our lives">
     chris says this won't be the last time this event is held.   
     he hopes to have another one next semester.
     the organizer says he hopes everyone in eastern idaho will unplug from their devices.

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