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BYU students in Jerusalem take cover


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Student from Brigham Young University took cover this week hiding in shelters in the Jerusalem center as tensions rose in Israel.

There are 72 students studying at the Jerusalem Center from all three BYU campuses. 10 of those students are from BYU-Idaho.

The students took cover after missiles were intercepted heading to Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Center is in east Jerusalem, the missiles were not heading near that area.

The students were in the shelter for 10 minutes and returned to normal activities after.

BYU released a statement Thursday:

"Students, staff and other center personnel took shelter for a brief period of time this evening as sirens sounded in Jerusalem warning of missiles headed for the greater Jerusalem area. Several missiles were intercepted over suburbs of Jerusalem by the Iron Dome Israeli Defense Missile System. None of the missiles were aimed towards East Jerusalem where the Center is located. Following a brief, 10 minute, stay in the center's shelters, students returned to their normal activities for the evening. The area around the Center remains calm and quiet; students will continue with their regular academic and planned co-curricular activities through Saturday: Tomorrow (Friday) is an instructional day, and students will be at the Center. Saturday is the Sabbath, and students will be at the center. Decisions regarding activities on Sunday and beyond will be made later by Jerusalem Center administration and security personnel, who continue to monitor security matters closely."

The Jerusalem Center is BYU's center for study.

Students who travel there can study a core curriculum that either focuses on religion, the Hebrew or Arabic language, and ancient and modern Eastern studies.

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