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Cameras monitor traffic at Idaho Falls intersections

Cameras monitor traffic at Idaho Falls intersections

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The next time you're driving in Idaho Falls, you could be on camera.

Idaho Falls Power has cameras set up at eight busy intersections throughout the city to monitor traffic flow.

"Our most busiest. 17th and Holmes, Sunnyside and Holmes, Sunnyside and Hitt," said Bruce Scholes with Idaho Falls Power.

IFP mans the cameras because they're in charge of fixing traffic lights, and the cameras often aid them in that task.

"It helps on our complaints of people saying that it's not working. I can look at a particular intersection in real-time and say, 'Yes, you are correct, we'll send the dispatch people out there to fix it,'" said Scholes.

IFP can pan, tilt and zoom the cameras, but they don't record.

"We do not record, will not record, never want to record," said Scholes.

Scholes added that law enforcement agencies have no access to the cameras.

The Rexburg Police Department recently proposed adding surveillance cameras of a different nature at various intersections in Rexburg. These cameras would be able to read license plates.

Wednesday, the department backed out of an interview about the cameras and declined to comment further.

The eight cameras in Idaho Falls are at the following intersections:

  • Capital and Pancheri
  • Lincoln and Woodruff
  • 17th and Hitt
  • 17th and Woodruff
  • 17th and Holmes
  • Hitt and Sunnyside
  • Sunnyside and Holmes
  • Hitt and First

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