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Car enthusiasts seek to cut down on illegal street racing

Car enthusiasts seek to cut down on illegal street racing

ST. ANTHONY, Idaho - Drag racing has long been a popular hobby in eastern Idaho, but some are concerned that too many are racing on streets in unsafe conditions.

"I'm guilty of doing it in front of my house," said Kip Stas.

Saturday Stas and other car enthusiasts raced on an empty airstrip in St. Anthony. It's part of an annual event created to discourage illegal racing.

"Here it's safe. If you get out of control you got room to straighten out. There's safety stuff here," said Stas.

Midnight Muscle Car Club has organized the event since its inception eight years ago. Jeremy Bird, a major supporter of the event and an automotive instructor, said street racing can pose problems. 

"You're talking cars that are capable of well over 100 miles per hour in a quarter mile on a road that's only designed for 55," said Bird.

But despite the dangers, Bird said people continue to race illegally. 

"In our area it's big. It's a lot bigger than people realize. It goes on with their youth," said Bird.

Saturday's race took place on a relatively short track – just 100 feet long.

Since Stas began attending the annual drag race, he said he's stopped racing illegally.

"Since this event started, this car has never spun the tires on the street," said Stas.  

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