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Career advisers suggest students should start seeking summer jobs

Summer jobs

POCATELLO, Idaho - Door-to-door sales companies have been hitting southeast Idaho this week to start trying to recruit college students to move out of state of the Summer to work as door-to-door sales representatives.

However, some career advisers are saying these companies don't tell the details about how tough that lifestyle can be for most.

Director of the Idaho State University Career Center Dr. Lance Erickson said he has seen plenty of students take on door-to-door sales as a summer job, and not everybody is cut-out for that path.

"If you have the type of personality that is aggressive, you want to sell, you want to work really long hours in difficult heat, then summer sales could be for you, but it's not for everybody," Erickson said.

Although some of these companies claim these positions pay up to $40,000 for one summer gig, most of the time that salary is based on commission. 

Erickson said, although this seems like a lucrative career for students, the job isn't as secure as a job with a larger company with set hours.

"With a larger corporation, there will probably be leads given to you along with different information to help you become successful. But, with summer sales, it's really all up to you," Erickson added.

The good news for those looking for a summer job is that the local job market is on the up-and-up, so now more companies are starting to hire more people. 

Erickson said this summer would be a great opportunity to take advantage of the growing job market to build resume's and gain job experience in the field relevant to a student's major.

"Many internships are paid these days and it's a great way to build a resume and gain experience and I always tell students not to disregard these opportunities for internships," Erickson advised.

He also said students need to start looking in February to have something lined-up by the summer.

"The key is starting early because there are so many different college students out there and so many different colleges that competition is pretty fierce out there."

But, Erickson said these students don't have to start looking alone. He said the Career Center is a good tool to utilize, along with the career fair being held on February 26 from nine o'clock until three in the ISU Student Union Building.

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