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Cartels trafficking drugs in Idaho

Cartels drug trafficking in Idaho

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Miguel Angel Trevino Morales was arrested in Mexico Monday morning. He was known for his brutal violence as the head of the Zetas cartel, which operated throughout North and Central America.

The Idaho State Police deal with Mexican drug cartels, and expect to see no changes in trafficking despite the kingpin's arrest. Lt. Steve Davis said with the exception of marijuana, most drugs are coming from the cartels in Mexico.

"I will guarantee you that every bit of dope that is up here started with one of those organizations," said Davis.

Davis said ISP tries to attack the biggest entities they can identify, so they educate themselves on the landscape of drug cartels.

"If we start doing a case here and if we get tied into any of the major cartels, we know fairly certain which organization we're going to be dealing with," said Davis.

Despite the inevitable transition for one of the biggest cartels around, don't expect the traffic to slow down.

"There will be no effect," said Davis. "If you didn't hear it on the news, you'd never know it happened, in my world, because we're still going to get the coke and methamphetamine coming across." 

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