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Celebrate Youth event hits Rexburg

Celebrate Youth Hits Rexburg

MADISON COUNTY, Idaho - Local kids are having a blast at this year's free celebrate youth event.

"You get to go rock climbing and go and jump on the jumping castles," said student Bradley Conder.

The event had informational booths, games and fun activities like face painting. 60 local organizations came together for the community. They hope kids like Bryant Conder can go home and learn something new.

"I think it would be talking about the military and air force," said Conder.

There are other educational booths like one that teaches you about mental illness. A topic Madison Cares spends time training parents and teachers about. It's an organization that has been with the Madison County and Sugar-Salem school districts for four years.

"The parents who are saying, 'I don't know what to do with my child,' there are resources out there and we can find help," said a parent educator with Madison Cares, Renee Parkinson.

Madison Cares is a sponsor of the event. They say mental health ties into the celebration because of the activities offered. They can teach kids how to take direction and how to be a team player.

"Taking your turn , standing in line, not budging -- all of these things that you just think are a game really help teach some life lessons," said Parkinson. One parent agrees.

"It's for the health and well-being of your children. Physically and emotionally and mentally, they hit all those senses," said Laura Conder.

The project director for Madison Cares says it's important to show kids a good time before school and how important they are to the community.

The event goes until 9 p.m. Tuesday. It was paid for with money from a federal grant. Madison Cares received the money four years ago.

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