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Changes in store for Teton Pass

Changes coming to Teton Pass

JACKSON, Wyo. - The Wyoming Department of Transportation is getting ready to make some changes to Teton Pass.

One of the changes on the agenda is a scale that weighs trucks while they are moving, which will be installed next to the Idaho-Wyoming line.

If a truck is too heavy, the sign will tell the driver to turn around, while the system notifies Wyoming state troopers.

"If it indicates the truck is in violation of the weight restriction, it'll trigger an electronic sign on the edge of the road notifying them that they're in violation, that there's a turnaround spot ahead and that they need to utilize it."" said Wyoming state trooper Lt. Tom Kelly.

Also in the works is a series of truck ramps with cables designed to catch runaway trucks.

These changes likely won't be made until 2014 or 2015.

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