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Charter school puts spin on teaching methods

Charter school puts spin on teaching methods

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - One school in eastern Idaho is taking teaching techniques to a new level. Odyssey Charter School partnered with Ron Clark Academy, based in Atlanta, Georgia, to help students digest new Common Core Standards.

"The Ron Clark Academy is all about passion, excitement and energy. We want to bring that into every classroom around the country," said the academy representative Adam Dovico.

The academy works with 3,000 teachers nationwide annually to train teachers on innovative teaching methods.

Roberta Inglet has been teaching in Idaho Falls for more than 20 years and said although she has experience with more traditional curriculum, she is more than happy to incorporate more exciting enrichment within her daily lesson.

"I've always believed even though curriculum is great, unless they can adopt that curriculum and make it their own they can't retain it," she said.

Dovico said the academy worked with students in Georgia to make learning fun and now they are taking those same techniques.

"We're competing with a lot of things, from video games to television and movies. Teachers and schools aren't always in first place and so we have to find ways to get inside these kids' heads and to make them excited about learning," said Dovico. 

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