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Chubbuck welcomes Idaho's first diverging diamond interchange

Interchange project nears completion

CHUBBUCK, Idaho - Drivers who are frustrated with the confusing Chubbuck interchange can finally rest easy, since Sunday marks the final day before the Idaho Transportation Department opens those lanes and eases that construction before your Monday morning commute.

"We are very excited about it," ITD public involvement coordinator Adam Rush said. "It is going to improve efficiency, improve travel time, and people getting onto I-86 from Yellowstone will find it much more convenient."

This is Idaho's first diverging diamond interchange, which aims to clear congestion and improve access to Yellowstone Avenue from the interstate. It will do this by reducing the number of traffic signals drivers have to stop at in order to get on and off the interstate, which will ease the flow of traffic.

Rush said since this is a new project for the state, drivers should log onto the ITD website and watch a tutorial video that explains how to drive on the new interchange roads.

The link to that video can be found here.

Here is a link to the previous article Local News 8 reported in September with more information about the interchange project.

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