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City engineers look to finalize Pancheri Drive project plans

Pancheri Drive improvement project in final stages

Engineers look to finalize Pancheri Drive project plans

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Summer is just beginning and construction season is in full swing.

Construction on the Pancheri overpass in Idaho Falls took up most of last summer and the city said it's not done working on that road just yet.

Nearly 10,000 cars travel on Pancheri Drive every day. By 2016, the number is expected to increase by more than 3,000.

City engineers said widening the corridor of Pancheri from Bellin Road to Skyline Drive could help with that.

"That road was developed with a wide right of way, with the anticipation of widening the road at some point in time and that time has come," said Kent Fugal, city engineer.
In addition to two travel lanes in each direction, engineers are also considering adding a center turn lane, 10-foot-wide pathways alongside the street, street lighting, and enhanced crosswalks for pedestrians.

"We need to more safely accommodate pedestrians and bicycles and this facility with the adjoining pathways will help us to do that," said Fugal.

But none of these suggestions is set in stone. The city would like to hear from the community first.

Engineers are hoping to have a completed design in the next couple of months with construction set for next summer.

"We just want to get the public input to tie up any loose ends on the design so we can get this finalized and get it out to bid," said Fugal.

The City of Idaho Falls must have all written testimony about the project by June 11.

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