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City of Idaho Falls seeks input on greenbelt's future

City of Idaho Falls seeks input on greenbelt's future

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The City of Idaho Falls has big plans for its Greenbelt, but before those plans go any further, it's asking the public for ideas and input.

Greg A. Weitzel, director of the Division of Parks and Recreation, said the greenbelt is due for an upgrade.

"Twenty-five years ago, the city did a master plan for the Snake River greenbelt," said Weitzel. "Almost all of those goals have now been accomplished."

He said he knows how much the greenbelt means to the city, but he wants to hear residents' wants and needs. The city sent a survey with utility bills a couple of months ago, and it showed nearly 80 percent of respondents said the greenbelt is the No. 1 destination in the city.

"What kind of facilities? What kind of programs? What kind of special events? What kind of improvements do they want to see to the greenbelt?" said Weitzel.

In an open forum at the Residence Inn Wednesday night, the public got a glance of what "could be." Displays showed plans for a memorial for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, better bicycle accommodations, and several other sketches.

Scott Pierson is the president of the firm developing the Idaho Falls Greenbelt Renewal Plan.

"Preliminarily, we're focused on the Broadway up to Highway 20 and that corridor right now," said Pierson. "This meeting is more about that core area of the greenbelt."

The focal points of the plan are the Falls Overlook and safety of pathways.

"As the use continues to go up, making people feel comfortable on the trails along the greenbelt is going to help get more people to use it," said Pierson.

If you couldn't attend Wednesday night's meeting, you can still send comments and suggestions to

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