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Cleanup crews see high volume of flooding-related calls

Cleanup crews see high volume of flooding-related calls

AMMON, Idaho - The cold has finally relinquished its grip on eastern Idaho--at least for now. But this week's warmer temperatures are bringing flooding problems.

One to 2 inches of water rushed into the basement of one home in Ammon.

"There was a lot of issues concerning the carpet, the drywall, the pad, baseboard," said Jared Lusk with Servpro, a company that specializes in cleaning up water damage.

Lusk said calls were flooding into Servpro's Sugar City office last night.

"We do a 24/7 process and so our crews even last night were out till about 1 o'clock," said Lusk.

Servpro crews spent Friday visiting flooded homes. In most cases the damage was confined to basements.

Lusk said this occurs when ice gathers along a home's foundation. When it melts, it can seep through any unguarded crevices and into the home.

In many cases, Servpro says they can remove the water—but at a hefty price.

"Anywhere between $3,000, it can be all the way up to $45,000 depending on the size of the home and the extent of the damage," said Lusk.

Local News 8 called several other cleanup companies. They all say they're experiencing an unusually high number of flooding-related calls this week.

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