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CodeRED alerts people after murder

BONNEVILLE COUNTY, Idaho - A lot of people have been talking about the CodeRED alert system after the shooting Saturday in Bonneville County that left one woman dead.

It's a way for county emergency dispatchers to contact people in any specific area. In the case of Saturday's shooting, people were advised to look out for suspects and stay in their homes.

Dispatchers said this system is a great way to keep the community safe and involved, but one thing they want to make clear: When you get a CodeRED alert, do not call dispatchers back!

"One of the things that prohibits us (from) being able to do our jobs effectively is having our phone lines tied up with people asking questions about a message they just got," said Dispatch Supervisor Libby Severinsen.

Severinsen said the best advice is simply to wait for more information to be released.

If you want to sign up for CodeRED alerts, go to

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