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Companies fight skills gap

Companies fight skills gap

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - For many people in Idaho Falls it's hard to believe that in today's economy, jobs are being left unfilled with employers desperate to find help. As unemployment rises and companies hiring increase, there's a disconnect between what the general population has to offer and the skills managers are looking for.

Companies say they are looking for people who can adapt quickly to their work environment with the necessary math, writing and computer skills. With a poorly trained population, educators like Melody Clegg say the burden is passed to them

"We're expected to bring students up two or three grade levels," said Clegg.

Clegg said the skills needed aren't complicated; they just come down to basic education. But most students that are hoping to enter struggle with general education, especially when it comes to math.

Educators agree that teaching these skills are important to help job seekers interview as well as creating an organized resume. They understand that lack of education is a key factor in the rising unemployment rate. Unfortunately job seekers don't realize they need help until their turned down for jobs.

"As soon as the employment rate goes down and there's more competition for jobs, we have students coming back and saying 'I don't have the basic skills,'" said Clegg.

Skills that economists said could help get more people working, boosting the overall economy for the state of Idaho.

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