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Company breaks ground in Shelley, brings new jobs

Company breaks ground in Shelley, brings new jobs

SHELLEY, Idaho - In spring of next year, Shelley will be home to a new production facility bringing a good number of new jobs. Golden Valley Natural already has a locations in Idaho Falls, and the Shelley location will bring an initial 200 new jobs.

Golden Valley Natural is a meat-production company that specializes in products like jerky including beef, buffalo and turkey. The company broke ground today in front of city officials, residents and employees.

"We haven't had a company that come that was this size of growth for jobs for over 50 years," said Shelley Mayor Stacy Pascoe.

The new multi-million dollar facility will be about 200,000 square feet.

"It will face north, facing Country Club Road. It will take up about half the property once its completed. The property is big enough that we can expand two more times on this same property as the company grows and as demand justifies," said Golden Valley Natural CEO Bryce Esplin.

The products can be found across the nation, but Pascoe is thrilled that Shelley will be home to production.

"We have spent about a year and a half working with them, we have done some incentive packages and things like that to try to entice them to come here," said Pascoe.

Esplin said the rural Shelley community was a good fit.

"They opened their doors and arms to us since day one, and it just felt right. ... We looked as far as Wyoming, Nevada, all over Idaho, and this is where we are going to be," said Esplin.

The company is already in the process of hiring their new team. Careers range from minimum wage jobs to positions like marketing and administration.

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