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Concealed weapons permit fee may increase in Madison County

Sheriff says county is losing money

Concealed weapons permit fees may increase in Madison County

MADISON COUNTY, Idaho - People looking to pick-up a concealed weapons permit are heading to the cheapest county in Eastern Idaho to apply.

Madison County Sheriff, Roy Klingler, said while the $54 fee sounds great to applicants, it's actually causing the county to lose money.

The fee for a CWP in Madison County is at least $21 less than anywhere else in the area.

There's a lot that goes into getting a concealed weapons permit -- paperwork, a background check, even finger printing.

Madison County used to issue around 100 CWP's a year. Now, that number is well over 500. Not including renewals.

"We've had quite a few from Bonneville, Jefferson, Fremont, Teton," said Klingler. "We get them from all over."

Madison County's fee sits at $54. Compared to Fremont, Jefferson, Bonneville Bingham and Bannock, that's $21 cheaper.

Compare that to Teton and you're saving almost $50.

"As of July 1st, we have to pay the state $41.50," said Klingler. "So out of that $54, it only leaves $12.50 for the county. That doesn't cover very much."

So Sheriff Klingler proposed raising the fee to $75 to match neighboring counties.

The extra funds will go toward things the county needs -- like repairing the finger print scanner.

Currently applicants get taken to the jail to have that done to avoid the $6,000 repair.

"It isn't about making money," said Klingler. "We want to provide but we also feel like we shouldn't be subsidizing, either."

Klingler said it's not about not wanting folks coming to Madison County for permits.

Actually, he said he's for it but fees need to be more even across the board.

Bonneville County will raise its CWP fee to $83 beginning July 1st.

Madison County commissioners will vote on the proposed increase next Tuesday.

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