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Construction project poses challenges for neighborhood

Construction project poses challenges for neighborhood

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - An Idaho Falls woman says life in her once-quiet neighborhood has become a nightmare since the city embarked on a project to replace water pipes.

Jerilyn Taylor, who's lived on Johnson Street for the past eight years, said her neighborhood is almost unrecognizable.

The streets are muddy, machinery constantly travels up and down Johnson Street and deep holes riddle the ground as workers begin the process of replacing old water pipes.

"Yesterday I couldn't even make it to my own driveway," said Taylor.

"There's quite a bit happening right now," said Doug Cushman, Taylor's neighbor.

Because much of the construction equipment blocks her street, Taylor said she and her neighbors have been parking anywhere they can.

"You're walking anywhere from two to three blocks to get home and it's been raining," said Taylor.

Taylor said some people have refused to visit her while construction continues.

"My son's disabled, and so we have transportation people coming and they can't even get to the road," said Taylor.

Since garbage trucks have been unable to access Johnson Street, each week Taylor said she has to haul her trash to garbage bins around the corner.

"It's been irritating with the rain," said Taylor.

Taylor said construction workers dug a hole in her backyard, which has remained uncovered for more than a month.

"We were told about all this construction, but I had no idea it was goIgo on for so long," said Taylor.

In an email the city said the weather has made the work "messier than usual," but that construction is expected to wrap up by the third week of September.

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